Hand Quilting Frames

A hand quilting frame allows you to quilt without the need for basting. The frame also allows you to precisely tension the quilt top and backing independently so that layers are flat and smooth, ready to quilt without puckering. Quilt frames can be a beautiful addition to your living or sewing rooom where your handiwork can be admired.

With a hand quilting frame you can quilt from one end to the other, winding the quilt on to the front rail as you go. It is normal to have more than one needle and thread on the go and also to learn techniques for quilting in different directions as you move rather than the frame!

A selection of our hand quilting frames are available to order online.  


  • What is the typical size of the quilts you will be making?  
  • Will you need to dismantle the quilt frame for storage?
  • How much room will you have when the quilt frame is in use?

    We also have a Frames Information Pack, which we would be happy to send to you.  Please contact us by emailing mailorder@cottonpatch.co.uk with your name and full address details (including postcode).

    If you wish to place an order or you are not sure which frame is right for you, please call us on 0121 702 2840 (+ 44 121 702 2840 (outside UK).  We are happy to discuss the merits of individual quilting frames based upon your particular requirements.

    EZ3 Hand Quilting Frame from Grace



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